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Crucial Things You Need To Know Before Selling An Inherited Home

Probate 101 What you need to know before selling a house you received as an inheritance

If you’ve come into the property through inheritance, most likely you’ll have to go through probate before selling. Here’s a 101 on probate: it’s the legal process of settling an estate and inheriting property. 👇

2. Hire a competent probate lawyer to help you through the process. The attorney will assist you in filing a petition to begin the probate procedure.

2. Let all relevant parties know that you have started the probate process.

3. Make a list of the estate’s contents and gather all important documents, particularly the will.

4. Next, you’ll pay the deceased’s outstanding debts, such as personal loans and credit card bills, using their estate.

5. Upon paying all debts, you can request the court to distribute the estate among the beneficiaries.

You will have legal ownership of the property once the probate procedure is completed. You may then officially begin the selling process.

You may start working with a real estate agent as soon as you have an idea of the property’s value, but you won’t be able to sell anything until the probate procedure is complete. ✅

I suggest finding a real estate agent who has experience dealing with inherited properties. They can help guide you through the probate and real estate process, as well as offer advice that is specific to your situation.

If you have any questions about selling an inherited property in Sarasota, please don’t hesitate to reach out. I would be more than happy to help. 📞

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