Save Money on Sarasota New Construction with Expert Tips: Building Your Dream Home

Congratulations! You’ve decided to build your dream home in beautiful Sarasota. It’s an exciting journey, but with so many choices and upgrades, it’s easy to get overwhelmed. The Sarasota Neighborhood Experts can help you navigate the process and save money along the way.

Save Smart:

Upgrades to Skip and What to Ask Your Sarasota New Construction Builder


Q: What upgrades should I avoid to save money?


Standard light fixtures - functional and budget-friendly

Lighting: Builder-grade lighting might not be the most stylish, but it functions well and can be easily replaced later. This frees up your budget for the statement pieces you truly love.

Cabinet Hardware: Standard pulls and knobs are budget-friendly. Update them after you move in to match your style.

Painting your new home - personalize your color scheme

Paint: Most builders offer limited color options and basic paint quality. Don’t pay for an upgrade you’ll likely repaint anyway. Hire a contractor or unleash your inner DIYer after closing to achieve your perfect color scheme and desired quality.

Choosing a backsplash - find the perfect style for your kitchen.

Backsplash: Waiting on the backsplash allows you to shop around for the best price and style that complements your kitchen design.

Crown Molding and Trim: Crown molding adds elegance, but it can be expensive. You can tackle this project later for a more personalized touch.

Q: What questions should I ask my builder?


  • Consulting with your Sarasota new construction builder.Builder Experience: How long have they been building in the Sarasota area? A long track record indicates a reputable builder familiar with local building codes and regulations.
  • See Their Workmanship: Request references from past clients to get a sense of the builder’s quality and customer service.

  • Standard vs. Upgrade Finishes: Get a detailed list of what’s included in the base price and what’s considered an upgrade. Don’t be persuaded by model homes showcasing all the top-tier upgrades – these often come with a hefty price tag.

  • Building Timeline: Understanding the timeframe for each construction phase helps you plan your move and temporary living arrangements if necessary.

  • Inspections: Consider getting a 4-point inspection focusing on electrical systems, plumbing, roof, and HVAC for peace of mind.

  • Warranties: What’s covered under warranty and for how long? Knowing this upfront protects your investment.

Stylish cabinet hardware - can be easily upgraded later.

  • Landscaping: Is front and/or backyard landscaping included in the purchase price? If not, factor in the additional cost.

  • Lot Size: Be sure you understand the exact size of the lot you’re purchasing, and any additional fees associated with lot size (e.g., lot premium).

  • Builder Incentives: Ask about closing cost credits and be mindful of potential conflicts of interest with preferred lenders.

  • Future Developments: Are there any zoning changes planned near the property that could affect your future enjoyment of the neighborhood?

Why Having a Buyer’s Agent is Essential


At Sarasota Neighborhood Experts, our buyer’s agents are dedicated to advocating for you, not the builder. Here’s how we can help:

  • Free Service: The builder typically covers the buyer’s agent fee, making it a free resource for you.

  • Expert Guidance: We have the experience and knowledge to navigate the Sarasota new construction market. We know the reputations of different builders and the quality of their work.

  • Negotiation Power: We can leverage our expertise to negotiate the best possible price, upgrades, and closing cost credits on your behalf.

  • Contract Review: We’ll meticulously review the purchase agreement to ensure your interests are protected and all terms are clear.

  • Stay on Schedule: We’ll keep the builder accountable for meeting deadlines and ensure a smooth construction process.


Turn your dream home into reality - contact Sarasota Neighborhood Experts today.Building Your Dream Home in Sarasota Starts Here

Building a new home is a significant investment. By partnering with Sarasota Neighborhood Experts, you can navigate the process with confidence, save money, and ensure your dream home becomes a reality. Contact us today to discuss your new construction goals and explore our listings of the hottest new construction communities in Sarasota!

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