Unveiling the Challenges of New Construction Homes in Sarasota

Are you contemplating the excitement of building a brand-new home in sunny Sarasota, Florida? While the prospect is undoubtedly thrilling, it’s crucial to be aware of potential challenges. Let’s delve into the top complaints voiced by my clients over the past year as my team and I navigated numerous new constructions in 2023 and into 2024.

1. Closing Before 100% Completion

One common frustration among our clients is closing before the home is 100% finished. Although builders aim for perfection at closing, minor details like a ding in a cabinet door or a scratch on a countertop might linger. Rest assured, builders address these post-closing issues promptly to ensure your home is flawless.

2. Builder-Dictated Closing Dates

“Why does the builder get to choose the closing date?” is a recurring question. Navigating closing dates can be challenging when plans unexpectedly shift. As a buyer, you might find yourself caught off guard, needing to coordinate moving logistics on short notice. This lack of control over closing dates is a genuine frustration in the realm of new construction.

3. The Waiting Game: When Will Construction Begin?

The anticipation of when your home will commence construction can be nerve-wracking. Delays in the start date, whether due to permitting issues or the builder’s schedule, can lead to uncertainty. Despite these uncertainties, trust that builders are working diligently behind the scenes to ensure a smooth construction process.

4. Communication Gaps Between Sales and Builders

Clear communication is key, yet it’s not always seamless between sales representatives and builders. I emphasize the importance of putting everything in writing, especially any changes before the contract is finalized. A lack of clarity in communication can result in discrepancies between what was discussed and what is reflected in the final build.

5. HOA Fee Surprises

Transparency issues with HOA fees are a common concern. Builders may initially quote lower fees to attract buyers, but unforeseen increases can catch homeowners off guard. Prepare for the possibility of rising fees, especially in the first few years after the neighborhood is completed and the HOA is handed over to the board of directors.

6. Navigating Negative Social Media Comments

As you embark on your home-building journey, be cautious of negative social media comments about builders or communities. While happy homeowners may not frequently share positive stories, disgruntled individuals tend to vocalize their concerns. Differentiating between valid issues and minor complaints on social media is essential for maintaining peace of mind.

If you’re considering new construction in Sarasota or have questions about specific neighborhoods and builders, don’t hesitate to reach out. My team and I are here to guide you through the process and ensure your home-building experience is as smooth as possible. Give me a call today, and let’s make your dream home a reality!

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