Don’t Over Pay! 6 New Construction Upgrades to Avoid

Are you embarking on the journey of building your dream home in Sarasota? Buckle up! Making choices at the design center can be daunting. But fear not—I’ve got your back. Here are six upgrades you can skip to save those hard-earned bucks in Sarasota’s vibrant real estate market!

1. Flooring: Choose Wisely, Not Extravagantly

Sarasota’s flooring choices can be overwhelming. Save on your design budget by opting for affordable luxury vinyl or tile alternatives. My pro tip: go easy on extras like pricey flooring for closets. It’s a smart Sarasota saver!

2. Appliances: Builder Grade Might Be Your Best Buddy

When it comes to appliances, Sarasota’s new constructions often come with a set brand. Hold off on high-end upgrades. Stick with builder-grade appliances, saving you cash to splurge on Sarasota’s beachside adventures later!

3. Master Bathroom: Bathtubs? Not Always a Hit!

In sunny Sarasota, jetted tub upgrades might seem tempting. But let’s be real—who needs them? Skip the pricey tub upgrades. Sarasota buyers often prefer sleek showers over dated tubs.

4. Kitchen Bling: Backsplash and Cabinet Pulls Can Wait

Don’t break the bank on kitchen aesthetics. Sarasota offers numerous post-construction options for backsplashes and cabinet pulls. Save now, personalize later—keeping your Sarasota kitchen trendy!

5. Crown Molding: Wait for the Royal Touch

Elegance is timeless, but Sarasota’s crown molding can wait! Avoid the builder’s high rates. Consider adding it post-closing, saving on initial construction costs.

6. Designing on a Budget: Set a Plan and Stick to It

Sarasota’s real estate design game is all about a solid budget strategy. Aim for around 10% of the base price for interiors. Stay under and have wiggle room for Sarasota’s beachfront bliss!

Don’t Get Trapped in the Splurge Zone!

In Sarasota’s bustling real estate scene, the design center can be a whirlwind. But armed with these savvy tips, you’ll navigate like a Sarasota pro. Need more guidance? Sarasota Neighborhood Experts are just a call away! Subscribe for exclusive Sarasota real estate insights. Until next time, happy Sarasota house hunting!

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