Sarasota Airbnb Guide: Everything You Need to Know Before You Invest!

Are you ready to jump on the Airbnb trend? Or thinking about a second home near the beach that you can use part of the year and rent out short term when you’re away? Many people have questions about Airbnb-ing in Sarasota, and today, we’ll cover all the essential information to get you started. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit the bell button for more helpful content. I’m Lisa McBride with Sarasota Neighborhood Experts, and my team and I love helping you with real estate. Reach out to us today!

An investor and lawyer going over Airbnb Laws in Sarasota, Florida

Understanding Airbnb Laws in Sarasota

Before finding your dream vacation home, you should know the local laws and regulations that govern short-term rentals in the area. Sarasota, like many other cities, has specific zoning regulations for short-term rentals. Zoning codes define where rentals are allowed, and certain residential zones might have restrictions.

To operate a short-term rental in Florida, you must obtain a vacation rental business license if you rent a property more than three times a year for less than 30 days each time or advertise it publicly for rent.

Minimum Stay Requirements in Sarasota

The City of Sarasota allows short-term vacation rentals in residential zones with a minimum stay requirement of 7 full days and 7 full nights. However, some listings might have no minimum stay or a 1-7 night minimum. Remember, being considerate of your neighbors is essential to avoid any issues.


Investor signing for a Vacation Rental Certificate of Registration in Sarasota, FL

Vacation Rental Certificate of Registration

For short-term vacation rentals in the Coastal Islands Overlay District (St. Armand’s Key, Lido Key, Otter Key, Coon Key, and part of Siesta Key within Sarasota), you must obtain a certificate of registration to rent or advertise the unit. The certificate ensures compliance with the minimum stay requirements.

Sarasota County Rules

Sarasota County generally prohibits leases of less than thirty days, except for certain multiple-family properties on barrier islands like Siesta Key, Casey Key, and Manasota Key.


Tourist Development Tax

If you plan to start an Airbnb business in Florida, you’ll need a license. The Tourist Development Tax is a 6% charge on short-term rentals of six months or less, in addition to the state sales tax (7% in Sarasota County).



Check Zoning and HOA Rules

Before offering your property for short-term rent, check the zoning regulations in Sarasota County or the specific city where your rental is located. Also, consider any homeowner association rules that might restrict or limit rentals.

Best Sarasota Neighborhoods for Airbnb

  1. Arlington Park: A great location just 5 minutes from downtown Sarasota and 10-12 minutes from Siesta Key or Lido Key. Many single-family homes here are perfect for Airbnb rentals.
  2. Sapphire Shore/Indian Beach: North of Downtown Sarasota, this neighborhood is ideal for those who want to enjoy the city, beaches, and attractions like the Ringling Museum.
  3. Siesta Key: A highly desired area with one of the top 10 beaches in the U.S. Many condos and neighborhoods here allow short-term rentals.

Condo vs. Single Family Homes

Both condo and single-family homes have their pros and cons. Consider your long-term goals, ideal tenants, frequency of use, and maintenance preferences to determine the best fit for you.

Invest in Sarasota Real Estate

With real estate, it’s all about the location. Investing in properties in coastal communities like Sarasota can offer excellent returns over time, regardless of market conditions.

Ready to explore the Airbnb trend in Sarasota, Florida?

Before you dive in, it’s crucial to understand local laws and regulations governing short-term rentals. Learn all about zoning, minimum stay requirements, vacation rental certificates, and tourist development taxes to ensure a smooth operation.

Discover the best neighborhoods for Airbnb, and download our Free Guide: Sarasota Airbnb Investing Made Simple, for valuable insights and tips. Start your successful Airbnb journey today! Contact Lisa McBride and her team at Sarasota Neighborhood Experts for expert guidance on real estate investments.

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