Must-Know Tips for Buying a Condo in Sunny Florida!

Considering a condo in lively Florida? Dive into these must-know tips for buying a condo in sunny Florida before deciding! Lisa McBride, your guide from Sarasota Neighborhood Experts, breaks down the condo vs. single-family home dilemma.

Is Condo Living Your Ideal Lifestyle?

Condo living is all about personal choices. Ask yourself these key questions:

1. Size and Maintenance:

– Prefer a smaller, easily maintainable home?
– Avoiding yard care, roof replacements, and exterior painting?

2. Amenities and Proximity:

– Drawn to communities with pools and workout facilities?
– Want to be close to beaches, restaurants, and shopping without driving everywhere?

3. Socializing and Security:

– Enjoy socializing with nearby neighbors?
– Find appeal in a sense of security with gated communities and close-knit neighbors?

Exploring Florida’s Condo Landscape

Did you know Florida has three times more condo units than any other state (except Hawaii)? In Sarasota and Manatee County, 40% of residential transactions involve condos, offering diverse options from multi-story buildings to single-level units.

Understanding Condo Ownership Basics

A condo is an individually owned unit in a complex or building. As a condo owner, you manage the interior while sharing ownership of community spaces. However, Monthly HOA fees cover insurance and maintenance.

Exploring Florida's Condo Landscape. Must-Know Tips for Buying a Condo in Florida!

Navigating Challenges: Is Condo Ownership Right for You?


Despite fantastic perks, condos have challenges. Hence, consider these aspects:

1. Rules and Restrictions:

– Condos have rules on leasing, pet sizes, and other restrictions.
– Are you comfortable adhering to these regulations?

2. Special Assessments and HOA Fees:

– Recent Florida legislation mandates structural integrity reserve studies every 10 years.
– Special assessments for major repairs may lead to increased HOA fees.

3. Financial Implications:

– Rising costs impact budgets—insurance, maintenance, and landscaping.
– Special assessments of $10,000 to $40,000 are becoming common.

Make Informed Decisions: Seek Professional Advice

Before diving in, consult with your financial planner and accountant. Changes in tax implications can impact your strategy. Sarasota Neighborhood Experts are ready to assist with condo exploration in Sarasota, from $250,000 units to luxury residences. Call us today for your perfect condo lifestyle!

Thanks for reading, and until next time, take care!

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