How to Have an Epic Father’s Day Celebration in Sarasota

Flowers and brunch are lovely for Mother’s Day. But let’s face it, most fathers have different tastes. If you’re in Sarasota and wondering how to make Father’s Day truly unforgettable, we’ve got you covered! Get ready for an Epic celebration with our list of unconventional ideas that will have your dad beaming from ear to ear. Say goodbye to the ordinary and let’s dive into an extraordinary Father’s Day in Sarasota!

Riding a jet ski on Siesta key

Conquer the Waves with Extreme Water Sports:

Forget the calm waters—give your dad an adrenaline rush he’ll never forget with extreme water sports in Sarasota. Take him to Siesta Key Watersports, where he can ride a jet ski like a true daredevil, leaping over waves and feeling the thrill of the open ocean. If that’s not enough, try parasailing together and soar high above the stunning Sarasota coastline. Get ready for some heart-pounding action that will make your Father’s Day go viral!

a seafood platter at Sarasota's famous Owen's Fish Camp

Embark on a Gourmet Food Adventure:

Ditch the traditional brunch and take your dad on a culinary journey through Sarasota’s diverse and mouthwatering food scene. Start with a food tour in downtown Sarasota, where you can explore hidden gems and indulge in delicious bites from local eateries. Treat your dad to a seafood feast at Owen’s Fish Camp, where he can savor fresh catches in a laid-back atmosphere. Capture his reaction as he experiences Sarasota’s gastronomic delights and watch the likes pour in!

Going for a thrill ride at Anderson RacePark in Sarasota, FL

Unleash His Inner Speed Demon at Anderson RacePark:

Does your dad have a need for speed? Take him to Anderson RacePark, Sarasota’s premier karting facility, and let him unleash his inner speed demon. Watch him zoom around the track, overtaking competitors like a pro. Capture the moment on camera and share it with the world, as your dad’s racing skills make waves across social media. This adrenaline-fueled experience will take your Father’s Day celebration to viral heights!

checking out Sarasota's craft beer scene.

Dive into Sarasota’s Vibrant Craft Beer Scene:

For beer-loving dads, Sarasota’s craft beer scene offers a wealth of options. Take your dad on a craft beer-tasting tour, hopping from one trendy brewery to another. Visit Big Top Brewing Company, where he can sip on unique flavors while enjoying live entertainment. Document the adventure with Insta-worthy photos and witty captions that showcase your dad’s beer connoisseur skills. Get ready for an explosion of likes and comments as you raise a glass to an unforgettable Father’s Day!

 Challenging dad to a round of mini-golf at PopStroke, Sarasota, FL

Engage in Playful Competition at PopStroke:

For dads who love friendly competition, PopStroke is the ultimate destination. This innovative golf entertainment experience combines mini-golf with a lively bar and restaurant. Challenge your dad to a round of mini-golf on creatively designed courses while enjoying delicious food and drinks. Capture the fun and excitement on camera, and don’t forget to share your epic PopStroke adventure on social media for all to see!


This Father’s Day, make your celebration in Sarasota EPIC with unconventional ideas that will leave a lasting impression. From extreme water sports at Siesta Key Watersports to gourmet food adventures, heart-pounding races at Anderson RacePark, and craft beer tastings at Sarasota’s finest breweries, there’s something for every dad to enjoy. Embrace the extraordinary and give your dad an experience he’ll never forget.

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