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Looking for a location that has it all? Look no further than Sarasota Living! Situated in the heart of Southwest Florida, this vibrant city offers the perfect blend of convenience and comfort. With its own Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport, traveling regionally and internationally has never been easier. No more time-consuming hassle or stress is required!

But that’s not all. Sarasota Living also offers stress-free options for unforgettable retreats to some of Florida’s most remarkable cities. Let’s take a look and discover the heart of Florida with Sarasota living!

Tampa/St Pete: Sightseeing, Festivals, and Sports – Only 45 Minutes Away!

Hop in the car and head over to Tampa for a quick 45-minute drive. This bustling city is perfect for sightseeing, attending festivals, or catching a professional sporting event. Plus, Tampa International Airport offers more long and international-distance flight options!

Fort Myers: History, Beaches, and Canals – Only an Hour Away!

Drive south down the coastline for an hour to reach Fort Myers. This city boasts an impressive array of historic buildings and lovely Fort Myers Beach on Estero Island. And don’t forget to check out Cape Coral’s 400 miles of manmade canals!

Naples: Retirement Community and Beach Paradise – Just a Bit Further!

Travel a bit south from Fort Myers and down the coast to reach Naples – home to an energetic retirement community and some of nature’s finest beaches, like Marco Island. Get ready for serenity, beauty, adventure, and unforgettable memories!

Orlando: Family-Friendly Fun – Only Two Hours Away!

Looking for a perfect destination for kids or grandkids? Orlando is only two hours away from Sarasota! The theme parks are situated on the west side of the city, making your trip from Sarasota more convenient. Come enjoy this family-friendly paradise!


Miami: Surfing and City Life – Only Three Hours Away!

Take a short three-hour drive from Sarasota to Miami and experience the Atlantic Ocean’s waves. Plus, no trip to South Florida would be complete without experiencing all that Miami offers – its energetic atmosphere and bustling city life.

Florida Keys: Island Escape – Starting from Sarasota!

Looking for a paradisiacal island escape? Sarasota is the perfect starting point for your quick day trip to the Florida Keys. Offering access to Key West, situated at the southernmost tip of mainland USA, it’s an ideal location for those wanting to immerse themselves in tropical beauty.


In conclusion, with its own Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport and easy access to Tampa, Fort Myers, Naples, Orlando, Miami, and the Florida Keys, Sarasota is the perfect starting point for your Florida adventures. Whether you’re looking for family-friendly fun, history, beaches, city life, or a paradisiacal island escape, Sarasota Living has it all. So, what are you waiting for? Contact the pros at Sarasota Neighborhood Experts at 941-373-5880 and let us help you find your dream home in Sarasota

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