Breaking News: Sarasota’s Legacy Trail Latest Developments

Greetings, Sarasota! As your local real estate agent, I’m here to share some remarkable news about the Legacy Trail. There’s plenty of progress happening and it looks tremendous – so don’t miss out on what these updates mean for visitors and residents alike. Join us in learning more now!

The Legacy Trail Extension: What You Need to Know

The City of Sarasota is proud to announce that they have been awarded a Recreational Trails Program grant which will fund the expansion of The Legacy Trail. This project includes extending the trail along Payne Park’s southern border and Alderman Street’s northern side.

Despite being subject to some environmental approvals, there are no anticipated issues.  This upcoming trail stretch will be 1,170 feet long and 14 feet wide – boasting a shade shelter, benches, tables, bike rack, and drinking fountain with lighting & informational signage in addition to landscaping.


By joining the existing Brother Greenway Trail with this new extension, we are now closer than ever to having a secure multiuse recreational trail from The Legacy Trail all the way up to Bayfront Park. In addition, on February 14, 2023, Osprey Junction Trailhead (Bay Street in Osprey) had its grand opening after construction. By Fall 2023, construction will begin on Clark and Bee Ridge overpasses estimated to cost around $11.5M. Lastly, November 2024 marks the end of our journey as we complete these two magnificent overpasses.

More Amenities for Trail-Goers

Moreover, the trail will now include more rest stops and amenities, such as bathrooms, water fountains, and bike rental stations, making it even more convenient for trail-goers. The Legacy Trail is already one of the top attractions in Sarasota, and these new features will make it even more popular among residents and tourists.


The Impact of the Legacy Trail Extension on Sarasota Real Estate

The extension of The Legacy Trail is also great news for the real estate market in the area. With the trail passing through some of the most desirable neighborhoods in Sarasota, it will increase the value of properties along the route. Homebuyers and investors alike will find the trail’s extension as a desirable feature in their property search.


Two New Adjacent Communities Announced

At RENDER Legacy Trail and HARMON Legacy Trail, Crescent Communities is providing a diverse selection of housing options, including market-rate apartment homes and build-to-rent townhomes. This master-planned community offers an enhanced living experience with modern amenities – think six acres of retail spaces, easy access to I-75, proximity to the popular Legacy Trail, and a highly-rated school district! Make your move now for this elevated lifestyle opportunity.


Enjoy the Outdoor Lifestyle of Florida with the Legacy Trail

So, if you’re considering buying a property in the area, keep The Legacy Trail in mind! You can enjoy the outdoor lifestyle that Florida is known for, and now you’ll have even more opportunities to do so. And if you’re already a Sarasota resident, prepare for some exciting changes that will enhance your quality of life.


In conclusion, the extension of The Legacy Trail is excellent news for Sarasota. It will increase property values, offer more opportunities for outdoor activities, and make our community an even better place to live. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own a property near one of the top attractions in the area. If we can help you to find a property with access to the Legacy Trail. Give us a call today! 941-373-5880


The Legacy Trail, parking areas, and trailheads are dog-friendly. Trailhead parks and parking are located at (from south to north):

Shamrock Park

Skip Stasko Park (Parking only)

Venice Train Depot

Patriots Park

Nokomis Riverview Park (Parking only)

Nokomis Community Park

Laurel Park

Oscar Scherer State Park (entry fee)

Osprey Junction Trailhead

Legacy Trail Access-McIntosh Road (Parking only)

Culverhouse Nature Park

Ashton Trailhead

Sarasota Springs Trailhead

Pompano Trailhead

Payne Park








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